Decades of experience food styling in film, television, location, studio & print

  • Is a person of uncompromising attention to detail
  • Professional with integrity & is adaptable along with creative
  • Has an inherent ability to understand the unique needs of each specific job, assemble the right team, & connect with hand picked suppliers to create the best representation of a clients product on the "shoot day"
  • Has excellent people skills that ensure the client, ad agency, and production teams develop a quick level of trust when working together efficiently
  • Has an extreme focus "on the day" while taking into account the multiple factors that affect the food, while other variables are in play to working to get that fabulous shot on set
  • Is optimistic & understands that what happens on the shoot day is one important part of the creative advertising process. It has taken months of planning, focus groups, meetings, & often travel to get to shoot day. We understand & respect that process.
  • The team happily works with the clients to create, change & revise until we make sure what is seen in the monitor will give the client usable amazing footage of the food at its best!

Beautiful food. Food is love. Art is a way of life.

Recipe for Great Food Styling:

  • 1. Preparation & Organization
  • 2. Experience
  • 3. Budgeting
  • 4. Problem Solving & Innovation
  • 5. Enjoy the process & the challenges each shoot presents- or die
  • 6. Focus & Patience, & Tenacity, & some more Patience
  • 7. Respect the talents of all those involved in making of a great shot!

Let the synergy of a great production make magic happen for the camera!

As an Artist ...

I find inspiration every where I go, in everything I do. I try to live a life congruent with my dreams & be authentic to the person I want to be.


I view life through the lens of an artist & stylist. Daily I'm exposed to artist, artisans, culinary experts, chefs & food suppliers. I have an deep appreciation for people who are passionate about the lives they lead - from the being on the land with an organic garlic farmer to dining with today's style influences. I am grateful for these opportunities - sharing is my way of giving back. My blog is filled with my notes and inspiration from all I see & do.

Testimonials & Endorsements

testimonial testimonial ABOUT JoAnne M. Strongman

Passionate. Positive. Perfectionists. I had the pleasure of working with JoAnne & the Food Styling team on a production for a high-profile culinary brand a&nd their professionalism was second to none. They were collaborative, accommodating & most of all amazing food stylists who went above & beyond with attention to detail. They put our team at ease preparing complex, gourmet dishes with an art & a science. JoAnne quickly became an invaluable partner to the Client & the production team. She was thoroughly engaged in the project & brought new ideas to the table that strengthened the concept overall. JoAnne & the Food Styling team are the best in the business & I will work with them every chance I get for all future initiatives.

--- Paul Sullivan - Vice President of Marketing, DIGITAS LB, Chicago IL
testimonial testimonial ABOUT JoAnne M. Strongman

It was not only a successful job, it was a fun job! Every job should be like this one. It was truly a pleasure working with you...together we created a rock-star team & we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for bringing your experience, diligence & respect for others to the playing field! Hopefully we can all do it again soon! Aloha & Mahalo

--- Nicole K.L.N. Ebeo - Production Supervisor,, Santa Monica, CA
testimonial testimonial ABOUT JoAnne M. Strongman

As a producer, you always want to surround yourself with the most talented team possible on any given job. I’ve had the pleasure of working with JoAnne on a number of projects ranging from controlled studio environments to run-&-gun location shoots where she was quite literally styling hero products in the middle of a rocky, flowing stream with only a few cubic feet of workspace, a setting sun to compete against, & no margin for error. I’ve always been able to rely on her professional attitude, fun personality, & her ability to collaborate & problem solve when it really counts. Quite simply, JoAnne always delivers & is one of the best at what she does.

--- Chris Huber - Producer, JWT