JMS Food Ninjas – The Untold Story

All smiles on set. [left to right: Landry's Inc. Lacey Martin, Team JMS: Alyssa Dawson, JoAnne Strongman, Crystal Heald]

All smiles on set. [left to right: Landry’s Inc. Lacey Martin, Team JMS: Alyssa Dawson, JoAnne Strongman, Crystal Heald]

Like a nut, food styling is an extraordinarily tough business to crack.

But like any family, Team JMS can be a little squirrely, so we look at food styling as a challenge with a very worthwhile reward at its core: a lifestyle in which we can combine our passion for food, style, precision, and fun!

We want you guys to get to know our whole team, so get ready for a slew of fun, personal stories in the coming weeks and months. But, in the meantime, the untold story of JoAnne herself and her life as one of Canada’s leading food style and entertainment experts:

JoAnne Strongman on set food styling Mix tv behind the scenes

Food styling is a foreign world to many, but it’s the only thing JoAnne has ever known. Seriously, this lady has food in her blood: her mom is a successful food stylist, and her dad a food scientist. I can only imagine the dinner table talk!
Luckily, JoAnne loved the world her parents immersed her in, and she found herself drawn to the elusive pursuit of perfection that food styling demands. From a young age, she joined her parents in their family’s Toronto home kitchen and their 20,000 square foot food-primary facility, as well as her grandparents on their farm, learning the tricks of the trade, developing a crucial set of skills. Because of this early introduction, JoAnne has seen the industry ebb and flow, transitioning from a demand for “uber perfection” in the 80’s, to today’s consumer driven demand for realism.
From glossy magazine cover stories, to Fortune 500 company commercials, no shoot is ever the same. Each client has different demands, different expectations. Trust me, it takes a true pro to make an audience hungry without actually giving them tangible food.
Have you ever craved seafood from The Boathouse? How about a chunk of chocolate from Brookside? Or maybe the Mediterranean flavours from Sabra? Chances are the styling talents of JoAnne Strongman are to thank (or blame depending just how much chocolate you ate…).
JoAnne is a huge proponent of finding a work/life balance, but there are weeks when sleep DOES.NOT.EXIST. While many crumble under the pressure and tight time constraints that film and television sets are known for, it is this quest that constantly drives JoAnne to deliver better work, expand her business, land the next bid, and kick some serious culinary butt.

Our team here at JMS is fortunate enough to work with the best suppliers, ingredients, photographers, chefs, and production companies in the country. We work harder each day because we know how lucky we are to be thriving in this industry. Simply put, the teams we work with demand a very high level of work, and you won’t survive if you don’t rise to the challenge.

If you want to get to know our team in the meantime, we’re only a quick follow away:

See you next week!

xo JMS Team

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