JoAnne's Food Styling team is second to none. They are cohesive, collaborative, accommodating & most of all amazing food stylists who go above & beyond with attention to detail. They will put your client & production team at ease preparing complex food styling with an art & a science.


JoAnne credits her success and agility on projects to the team of professionals that are working along side her. Although she prefers to work with her core team, she has flexible, highly skilled teams lined up to work where ever she might be in North America.


JoAnne has a signature sense of style - daily she is exposed to artist, artisans, culinary experts, chefs and food suppliers. She has a refined taste for the best, not the most expensive but always of the highest quality; from the organic onion grower to the amazing kitchen product from Germany found at her favorite gourmet kitchen store. It's about producing the best results for the project - that defines quality for JoAnne.

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Beautiful food. Food is love. Art is a way of life.
- JoAnne M. Strongman

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Jacqueline Way
Production Manager

Jacqueline has dedicated herself to event management for over 15 years. In that time she has produced over 50 events including but not limited to the Toronto Taste, Canada’s Walk of Fame Gala and a private event for the Right Honourable Paul Martin. Jacqueline is a champion for social justice and the founder of 365give, a non-profit organization that empowers children to create positive social change through educational programming. As an early advocate of 365give, JMS continues to promote and support the great work of Jacqueline and her organization.
Her greatest strength lies in her compassionate nature. Whether it’s raising millions of dollars in support of charitable organizations or her meticulous attention to detail on-set and during production, she consistently puts the needs of others above her own. When it comes to project management and event coordination, Jacqueline’s years of experience in both the food and event industries, and her chameleon-like ability to shift and adapt to fulfill the needs of any project, make her a consummate professional.

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Alyssa Dawson
Junior Food Stylist || Television Host || Writer

Alyssa’s ability to make others feel at ease has served her well as a guest on network segments for Breakfast Television and CTV Morning Live, and as host of City Lights, and Food Finds, where she has had the opportunity to interview and cook with top international celebrity chefs including Chuck Hughes, Rob Feenie, Vikram Vij, and David Rocco. Whether it’s one on one for a television interview or on stage in front of thousands at EAT! Vancouver, Alyssa always gets at the heart of the story with an effortless style that is equal parts charming and engaging. With her seemingly never-ending energy reserves and outgoing personality she is a natural people person both on and off camera.
Her formal educational background is in broadcast journalism, but Alyssa is also a capable and accomplished cook having first learned from her grandmothers who worked in the culinary industry. Nowadays she is constantly gleaning tips and tricks from the top chefs she rubs elbows with on screen or at the latest restaurant openings. Her understanding of a variety of cooking styles and techniques comes partly from her experience traveling abroad, particularly in South East Asia where she lived for over a year.
Behind the scenes, as a Junior Food Stylist, Alyssa is enthusiastic and open to fresh new ideas. She is always eager to help create the best outcome possible, and she puts her knowledge as a professional foodie and experienced cook to use, assisting the more senior Food Stylists on set with incredible focus and intensity. With her finger on the pulse of the hottest food trends and juiciest culinary ideas Alyssa is a true asset to the JMS team.
Alyssa will tell you that food is her life. With her backstage pass to the Vancouver restaurant scene, she is privy to so many of the fabulous kitchens and restaurants this city has to offer. Her passion and enthusiasm for food is contagious and her positive attitude can light up a set. While Alyssa has hosted everything from red carpets to tech lifestyle programs, her passion lies in the Food & Design industry.